8/8/2022 9:13:00 PM


Please note that this update is being rolled out in phases and may not be available immediately in your region. Balance changes are not live yet and will be enabled at a later time.

Balance Changes:

See our previous blog post for balance changes.

Removed the following puzzles due to balance concerns from affected card balance changes:

  • “Navy Seagull’s Recruiting Hall”
  • “Riding with Eolis”
  • “Minmaxer’s Challenge”
  • “Minmaxer’s Coup”
  • Updated “Alpha Deadly"

Other Changes:

  • Improved user experience for creating new accounts
  • Improved user experience for logging in to existing accounts
  • Removed confusing questionnaire when creating new accounts
  • Tutorial battle can now be skipped
  • iOS players can now delete their accounts in the profile details screen
  • Fixed a bug where linking a login method prevented linking of other login methods until game restart
  • Long term GUEST accounts will be asked to create an account on login