7/6/2021 10:18:05 PM


Signups for the next End of Season Qualifier are up now in-client. Battle it out for your share of the $1000 prize pool as well as Qualifying Points for the Mythgard World Championship later this year.

The tournament is open to all players in Silver rank or above and will take place in 2 parts. Day 1 will be a Swiss Best of 3 Conquest tournament on July 10th. Day 1 will be broadcast by Rhino Noah and a rotating cast of co-hosts. The top 8 players from Day 1 will move on to a Day 2 tournament on July 11th.

Day 2 will be a single elimination Best of 3 Conquest tournament and will be broadcast on the official Mythgard Twitch channel by Flake and Christo of 983 Media.

For more information on tournament formats, read this post.

July 10th:
11:00 AM EDT/15:00 UTC
Silver Rank or Above
Bo3 Swiss Conquest

July 11th:
11:00 AM EDT/15:00 UTC
Top 8 players from Day 1
Bo3 Single Elim Conquest

Please note that the broadcast will be on a 15 minute delay. Any players in the tournament who are streaming their own matches are advised to also stream on a delay and/or otherwise conceal their hand on their own broadcast to avoid potential problems with stream sniping.

Payment will be distributed by 983 Media.
Winners must have a verified Paypal account to claim winnings.
Players qualified for the Top 8 must check-in with a tournament Admin in the official Mythgard Discord within 12 hours of the day one conclusion.
All Top 8 players need access to the Mythgard Discord during the top 8 for event coordination purposes.
Players not in the Discord will be disqualified and will NOT be eligible for prizes.
Rulings made by tournament admins and organizers are final. This includes, but is not limited to, restarting/delaying tournament games to fit the production schedule.