5/15/2021 1:23:57 AM


Patch 20.3 helps prepare for the End of Season Qualifier tournament for cash prizes. It also contains an overhaul of the daily login rewards and website, and includes new Pandora Mode events. Check back every week to see what is new in the Pandora Mode!

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Website UI Overhaul

  • New daily login reward system and exclusive board, card back and trim

  • Beginning with the upcoming Winter War Season 3, player rankings in Champion tier will be based on a player's peak Kismet value during the course of the season, rather than their current Kismet value as the season ends

  • New Pandora Events

    • Quetzalcoatl & Xolotl (2vAI)

      • Serpents and Mutants and Serpent Mutants, oh my!

    • Gilgamesh & Enkidu (2vAI)

      • Can you take down the legendary Gilgamesh and Enkidu as their Zealots cheer them on? Grab a partner and find out!

    • Blitz 1v1

      • Normal 1v1 gameplay with a 30 second turn timer.

    • Casual Week (2v2)

      • Much like our previous Casual Friday mode, 2v2 with randomized decks and 2 draws per turn

  • Fixed a case where trading Faun of Decay into a minion on Arctic Pyre could cause the game to get stuck

  • Fixed Wry Trickster remembering how many times it has been activated after being brought back into play

  • Fixed Elemental Fortification not stacking with itself

  • Fixed Elemental Fortification not applying on a forged Arctic Pyre

  • Fixed Spellflux Cauldron incorrectly giving a buff to the leftmost minion played by Academy Recruitment (This fix was totally something we worked super hard on and definitely wasn't something that we "accidentally" fixed at some point this patch cycle)

  • Fixed Ranked Ladder Action column for Champion vs Champion when one has reached their Ba limit for the day

  • Fixed Ba not updating until a player plays their first game for the day.

  • Fixed a case of declining a tournament invite not saving

Known Issues

  • Guilds are NYI


In case you missed our last series of balance changes, you can check them out here. https://www.mythgardgame.com/blog/permalink/may-4th-balance-update 

We will not be making card changes right before the End of Season Qualifier Tournament.